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    One of the most important part of any hotmelt systems are expensive adhesive heated hoses. AdhesiveHose.com offers you same quality, performance as original system vendors offer but with competitive prices.

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    We know when it’s urgent, it means “urgent”. We constantly update our stock for the most used heated hoses. If it’s not in the list, we can manufacture your hose within 3 days only…

Always on Stock

This is the best option for Urgent Heated Hose inquries. We constantly keep stock these heated hose lenghts and dimensions for the following vendors.

Robatech and Nordson Compatible Heated Hose Stock
Robatech® Compatible Heated Hose Ø8Robatech® Compatible Heated Hose Ø12Nordson® Compatible Heated Hose Ø8
1.2 meter
3 meter1.20 meter
1.5 meter4 meter1.80 meter
2 meter5 meter2.40 meter
2.5 meter6 meter3.60 meter
3 meter4.80 meter
5 meter7.20 meter

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