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RTD Sensors versus TC Series

Characteristic Thermocouple (T/C) Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) Measurement Range Wide, -250°C to +2600°C Narrower, -200°C to +850°C, often limited to a lower temperature by its insulation. Output Signal Voltage wrt difference in end-to-end temperature Resistance change wrt actual temperature Accuracy Less accurate, 2-4°C typical More accurate, up to 1°C typical Long Term Stability Fair, limited […]

NTC Sensors

Robatech® Hoses are using NTC sensors for temperature measurement. NTC means negative temperature coefficient. Mainly used for resistive temperature and current-limiting devices. If you compare with silicon based temperature sensors and RTDs sensors, they are 5-10 times gives more accurate results. Range for the NTC sensors are −55°C to 200°C.    

PT100 Sensors

There are alot of hot melt hoses manufactures choosing PT100 heat sensors for their hot melt hoses. So what PT100 sensors offer to it’s customers? PT100 are sensors are platinum resistance thermometers.They are offering highly accurance  temperature monitoring from –200  °C to +850 °C. They are getting this strenght fro their platinium core. For a PT100 […]

Hot Melt Gluing Solution Manufacturers

Today in the market there are a lot of Hot Melt equipment and melter manufacturer from different sectors including woodworking, textile, automotive, packing, construction and so on. All these companies are manufacturing their own hot melt hoses for their own machine. Adhesive Hose® offers you 100% compability with competitive prices for these market leading companies. […]