We have a clear import and export process. You can easily accomplish tasks with safe and fast. If you encounter a problem, you can use our support system for your process to go flawlessly.

1.Choose Heated Hose

Choose what kind of heated hose do you need, and decide about dimensions, quantities etc. then add to cart to checkout.

2.Make Payment

Make payment via bank transfer, credit card or cash payment.

3.Order Details

We will mail you delivery dates for picking up and prepare necessary documents (commercial invoice, packing list) for export and import processes.


After we gave you necessary information for picking up,you can organize, transport or we can organize it for you if you choose so.

5.We will deal with export

We will clear all necessary steps for exporting your products including export cost.

6.You will deal with import

When your products arrive to your country you should clear customs via agencies. Import costs are belongs to you.

If you have problem with process please go to our detailed support page.