PT 100 Sensors

PT100 Sensors

There are alot of hot melt hoses manufactures choosing PT100 heat sensors for their hot melt hoses. So what PT100 sensors offer to it’s customers?

PT100 are sensors are platinum resistance thermometers.They are offering highly accurance  temperature monitoring from –200  °C to +850 °C. They are getting this strenght fro their platinium core.

PT 100 Sensors

For a PT100 sensor, a 1 °C temperature change will cause a 0.384 ohm change in resistance, so even a small error in measurement of the resistance (for example, the resistance of the wires leading to the sensor) can cause a large error in the measurement of the temperature. For precision work, sensors have four wires- two to carry the sense current, and two to measure the voltage across the sensor element. It is also possible to obtain three-wire sensors, although these operate on the (not necessarily valid) assumption that the resistance of each of the three wires is the same.

PT100 sensors are comply following standartds: IEC751 and JISC1604-1989. Nordson, Melton and alot of manufacturer uses PT100 sensors in their hot melt hoses.