Robatech Compatible Heated Hoses

Robatech has various melting systems with repective application head binded to system with Heated Hoses. Heated hoses are expensive spare parts of any gluing system based on hotmelt adhesives. So heated hoses should be durable and flexible for use in any different applications.

Adhesivehose heated hoses are manufactured with high quality materials. They are 100% compatible with any Robatech Gluing systems. Before we ship hoses to you, all our Robatech Compatible Hoses tested with Robatech Gluing Systems in order check safety and quality standarts.

Adhesive Hose Robatech Compatilbe Hose Advantages :

  • 100% compatible with Robatech Glueing Systems,
  • PTFE hose working temperature up to 260 °C with 4x safety burst pressure,
  • Long service life if used properly,
  • Constant temperature across the entire hose length,

Notes : In order to purchase a Robatech Compatible Heated Hose you can just send us your inquiry. We will be happy to help you.