If you don’t know which type of hose you want to order, or you can’t find hose in our web site, we can still help you. Please send us this form in order to get your offer for the specific type of hose. In order to give you correct offer, We will require following information, vendor name, hose length, hose diameter, vendor code for the specific hose.

    How to find which type of hose your company uses?

    Every manufacturer has id plate on the head of the hoses. There are some informations like heated hose serial number, working temperature, type of heated hose, manufacturer, etc. You can send us this id plate’s picture or information on it, in order to give you correct offer.

    Information on Heated hose id plate can vary manufacturer to manufacturer. So You may still need sending some details like heated hose length, hose diameter etc.

    Please send us any information that can help us to give you correct offer.